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Briquettes are charcoal
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Briquettes are charcoal

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Charcoal briquette - charcoal that underwent processing by the special device, was crushed and pressed, their form is similar to a small pillow. For development of briquettes from charcoal the small fraction was selected.

For briquettes as initial material serve raw materials of a natural origin therefore solid propellant production does not contain harmful substances and are safe for ecology. Briquettes have such characteristics:

  • Their heating capacity has a high rate - 33 500-35 600 kJ/kg;

  • 1 kg of a briquette can burn till 4-5 o'clock;

  • The rest of dry material after burning does not exceed 5%;

  • Level of humidity is from 3 to 5%;

  • Contains ashes, 2-8%;

  • Level of carbon makes 83-90%;

  • Indicators of fraction from 20 to 80 mm.

Application of charcoal briquettes has a number of advantages:

A small expense that allows to cut down expenses on fuel;

The small size of solid propellant material with good heating capacity;

Have a high rate of density therefore briquettes are capable to burn several times longer, than charcoal;

When burning there are no sparks that also allows to apply briquettes to fireplaces;

Briquettes do not emit carbon monoxide therefore it is possible to use as fuel and indoors;

Level of heating capacity of such product is higher, than level stone and charcoal;

There is no smoke and release of harmful substances;

In transit such production does not crumble therefore dust is not created;

By appropriate preparation briquettes are kindled in 15-20 minutes.

Briquettes are an excellent biofuel which can be taken with itself on exit buffet receptions, corporate holidays, and also are suitable for fireplaces and a kamenok in saunas.

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 12.02.2018

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